Over the past however long its been that I have been doing this assessment task, I have made many discoveries of which include the bloody true stories of the two not so ugly step sisters of the classic tale Cinderella, that I am hopeless at forming my thoughts into sentences then sentences into paragraphs and so on and that I need more practice at organising my research and ideas before the product is due. (I also need to work on shorter sentences as what you just read is a single sentence)

Tonight I have completed by critical analysis which I have to admit was an absolute trek. I have just spent a week in Japan on an international education forum and am exhausted, physically and mentally, from that so it was a big as to complete at least that component of the task. The final aspect of the assignment I need to complete is writing my own appropriation of the text. There is no way physically possible to complete that by tomorrow (sorry Ms!) but...I will get round to it as I, believe it or not, am actually looking forward to writing. I have decided by form for that at least; a suite of short poems. Also, I have been tossing up ideas and brainstorming about the actual poems themselves. So far my ideas are to give different perspectives of major events in the tale and give characters a voice and opinion on the event at hand. For example, I was thinking of writing a poem expressing the view of one of the sisters when they get handed a knife to cut part of their foot off. I don't know about you but personally, regardless of a life of royalty, I wouldn't be too happy about doing that. 

So there are some ideas and thoughts from my jumbled up head. Have a nice week and wish me luck in presenting the assignment tomorrow!

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